Expectations of a GSLIS Student

This is my second semester at Queens College. Previously, I’d only taken prerequisite courses. Since this is my first semester taking more “fun” courses, I hope readers will understand that I’m not entirely sure what to expect. That being said, I think that means I have a lot to learn, which is a good thing!

Despite going in with very little idea of what to expect, I did understand more of what this course will be like based on the first class alone. Firstly, I expect to be challenged. My classmates all seemed to agree that our professor is  not an easy grader, but that I will become a better writer if I put the work in. I’m confident in my skills as a writer, but there is always more to learn. I also expect to learn a lot about the duties and challenges that YA librarians today face. I’m thankful for this, because the YA room is where I hope to be once I finish the program at Queens College. Before our first class, I’d never really considered how YA librarians face unique challenges working with teenagers. I hope this class will better prepare me for those challenges. Lastly, I do expect that technology will play a role in this course. After my first semester, it’s become very clear to me that we as future librarians need to learn how to use technology not only to improve the library, but to help libraries survive in the modern world. I expect that the YA room is no exception in this case.

Ultimately, I hope to learn a lot and come out of this course more prepared for my career as a librarian. I especially am looking forward to a class that is centered around Ya librarianship. I wish my fellow classmates the best of luck this semester!


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