Manga Monday: Fruits Basket!

Most of you shoujo fans are probably familiar with the hit anime Fruits Basket, but have you given the manga series a read? The 23 volume series takes the story far past where the final episode of the anime leaves off, and you learn so much more about the characters! Seeing how author Natsuki Takaya’s develops over the course of the series is also a real treat.


Recently orphaned Tohru Honda has met hard times when she resorts to living in a tent in the woods. When she stumbles upon the Sohma family home, she is offered to work for the family as a live in maid. But there’s something off about this family. The Sohmas are cursed. When they each hug a member of the opposite sex, they transform into an animal of the Chinese Zodiac!

All 23 volumes of Fruits Basket are available for checkout from Nassau County libraries!


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