A Tour of Guduk Elementary School in South Korea

Guduk Elementary School is a medium sized school in Busan, South Korea. The video is filmed by one of its teachers, and features a tour of the school. In the video you will find classrooms, the school’s library, a cafeteria, and the teacher’s lounge. The video ends inside a music classroom where kids are singing along with a piano accompaniment. The teacher also shows his classroom toward the end of the video, which is for teaching English. He is a part of EPIK (English Program in Korea). If you’re interested in the school’s cultural aspects, check out the 2:40 point of the video, which features decorations for a Buddhist holiday (the teacher doesn’t specify which one).

The question what is a child is very broad and hard to answer succinctly. However, I will say that this video does make clear that to be a child is to learn, and that childhood is meant for learning. The importance of education has been proven countless times, and schools are there to help children learn. Guduk Elementary School is a relaxed and inviting environment. The library is small but cozy. At the two minute mark in the video, you will find a serene water fountain landscape. The school is set up in a way that welcomes children to learn and encourages the desire to do so. The children seen in the video are full of energy and character. This school hopefully motivates them to learn with that same energy that we see in the video. I was impressed with how clean the school appeared. It’s important for a school to have an environment such as this one, because for children, learning is their most important “job”.

As previously stated, this video is filmed by one of the school’s teachers. His YouTube channel, Red Dragon Diaries, is used to blog about his experiences teaching in both South Korea and Japan.


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