Check Out These Blogs!

The KidLitosphere Central list of blogs for beginners is a great place to start for anyone looking for frequently updated blogs on children’s and YA books! Admittedly, I am one of those beginners. I get most of my book recommendations from the BookTube community. These blogs were great to browse through. I’ve selected two blogs that I thought could be especially useful.

The Nonfiction Detectives

At work I suggest Diary of a Wimpy Kid for reluctant readers who like books with pictures. A Series of Unfortunate Events for mystery lovers. The Day the Crayons Quit for young kids looking for a book that’ll make them laugh. For most genres and age groups, I can name the more popular titles that kids should really check out if they haven’t already. This blog made me realize that I can’t name nonfiction recommendations in the same way I can name fiction titles. This blog reviews nonfiction titles for you, making it incredibly useful!

Ms. Yingling Reads

This blog has a great layout. Immediately at the top of the page are links to book recommendations based on genre. There’s also a “Guy Friday” weekly post, which names recommendations for boys. We all know that boys tend to be more reluctant readers than girls. The Guys Friday doesn’t just recommend sports books, either. I noticed one of the posts recommended Making Bombs for Hitler, a historical fiction book with a female protagonist. I think sometimes there’s a reluctance to give boys books about girls, so I really appreciated that!

Perusing the blogs of my fellow classmates, I found Amanda B’s suggestion, From the Mixed-Up Files, to be a great reference. Similar to my selection, the focus on middle grade is great because that’s the age group where reading interest tends to drop. The creative writer in me also really appreciates that there is a tab specifically for writers.

Lindsay’s highlight of What to Read to Your Kids complements my selection of blogs that are currently more middle grade focused. As Lindsay said, the blog does a nice job of breaking categories down into age groups and themes; for example there are categories for books about magic, seasons, and for different holidays.

Finally, Margaret’s recommendation of The Brown Bookshelf is also a great way to add diversity to the mix I have here! The publishing industry is still very focused on white voices. While this is true, sometimes it’s very eye opening and reassuring to see that there are in fact many diverse voices out there! It helps to have blogs that pay special attention to these voices.


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