Spotlight On: Templar Publishing


Since 1978, Templar Publishing has published children’s fiction, novelty and picture books. Their goal is to educate children while encouraging a love of reading. They have been recognized by the Independent Publisher’s Guild both as UK Children’s Publisher of the Year and Independent Publisher of the Year. Their home page is here, and the menu at the top provides links to their catalogue, organized by genre.

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Recommendation: One Hundred Bones by Yuval Zommer


Review 1: Phelan, C. (2016, March 15). Booklist Review. Retrieved March 10, 2017, from

Phelan’s review of the book is positive. She especially appreciates the author’s use of a “dog’s eye view”, the illustrations where the dog can only see legs. She recommends this book as a read aloud both to individuals and groups. Her review starts off as descriptive and finishes with her personal opinions. There is little criticism in her review.

Review 2: ONE HUNDRED BONES by Yuval Zommer , Yuval Zommer. (2015, December 22). Retrieved March 10, 2017, from

Similar to Phelan, this review begins with a description of the plot. However, the review concludes with feelings that aren’t quite as warm and fuzzy as Phelan’s were. This review criticizes the artwork as lacking warmth. The reviewer also criticizes that the jokes in the book with fly over its target audience’s heads.

Overall, I’d have to agree more with Phelan’s review. I found the book to be very warm and endearing. I also don’t think it matters if jokes fly over the children’s heads. Many forms of media meant for children are popular for adults as well because the more mature jokes are a nod to the adults watching. The show Spongebob Squarepants is an example of this. I’d recommend One Hundred Books for children, and agree with Phelan that it would make a great read aloud.


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