Read Aloud Reflection


I’m grateful for the comments I received for my read aloud of Book! Book! Book! Between my time spent as a theatre major and competing on a speech and debate team in college, I’m comfortable in front of audiences. This is great, because it means I can get past the “If you just weren’t nervous it would’ve been better” and into more in depth criticisms.

The main positive comments I received were:

  • Good introduction
  • Clear voice
  • Enthusiasm
  • Good job with the animal sounds
  • Good pacing

As for criticism, the main point I received was that I should’ve made more animal noises in the beginning of the book, so that the audience can follow my lead and better interact with the book. I definitely agree with this point. It’s not as easy, because the real interaction doesn’t take place until the second half of the story. However, it’s important to establish that connection with the audience early on, especially with children! I also received one comment each on these points:

  • Hold the book up so that everyone can see the illustrations
  • Use more variation in your reading voice
  • Speak louder
  • Slow down (which is interesting, considering I received two notes that my pacing was good!)

I’d say that from these notes, I’d really like to work on my voice variation. When I’m reading a picture book to prep for a read aloud, I will often use different voices in my head, but I get shy about doing them once I’m in front of my audience!

Overall, this  was definitely a positive experience. Book! Book! Book! makes for a great read aloud, and I’m glad my classmates seemed to enjoy the book as much as I do.



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